About Us

    Founded in 1782, Washington College was the first college chartered in the sovereign United States of America. General George Washington gave permission to use his name and contributed 50 guineas toward the founding of the College. The core values of the College then remain true today—integrity, determination, curiosity, civility, leadership, and moral courageall of which contribute toward our mission to challenge and inspire emerging citizen leaders.  

    Intellectually Challenging

    Washington College’s reputation is built on outstanding faculty and the quality of our rigorous academic programs. Whether you are engaging in a class discussion with students from diverse backgrounds, presenting research, or continuing a discussion with a professor after class, we offer opportunities to expand your mind.  Here, you learn how to connect the knowledge and skills you gain in class and discover how they apply in the real world.  

    With a favorable student-faculty ratio and small average class sizes, Washington students get to know their professors, and professors their students. Faculty are respected experts in their fields who love to teach. Professors work closely with our students as advisors, research partners, and mentors, and they actively motivate students to achieve beyond their personal expectations.  

    There are three Washington College centers for excellence on campus—The Center for Environment and Society, The Starr Center for the Study of the American Experience, and the Rose O’Neill Literary House—which provide opportunities, both on and off campus, for students in all majors to engage in internships, research, and civic engagement programs to build their résumés and gain real-world experiences.

    Empowering Your Future

    At Washington College, we prepare you to take control of your future. Experiential learning opportunities take classroom learning into the real world, showing students how to turn their education into a career. Research, internships, field study, civic engagement, s